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Mixed Results For Round Rock Covenant Auction, No Sale For Walker Digital

Note: This is more-0r-less a factual account of the auction bidding. For my take on the significance of yesterday’s auction, please read Patent Litigation Experiences K-T* Event?

Freedom to operate under a 4200+ patent portfolio owned by Round Rock Research, LLC went up on the ICAP Ocean Tomo auction block today in New York City, but according to Wendy Chou of Chou Media, ICAP succeeded in selling one out of the four different “covenant” lots that were offered.  According to Chou, the winning bidder of Lot # 111 will pay $35 Million for a covenant that is only valid if the purchaser is not a semiconductor manufacturer.

The bidding on the “unlimited” Round Rock lot reached $75 Million, apparently nowhere close to the seller’s request of $200 Million. The third (being restricted to non-semiconductor, non-handset and non-computer manufacturers) and fourth (same exclusions, and limited in time to 5 years) Round Rock lots failed to sell, but bidding on the fourth reached $18 Million.

Walker Digital also had four covenants for auction, but, unlike Round Rock, the different lots covered different sets of patents, including Automatically Captured Images, Single Use Transaction Code, Driving Directions with Visual Cues and a Certified Audio Vault.

In total, Chou reported only 2 lots being sold between lots 29 and 105, for a total of $100,000.  Hopefully more details will emerge throughout the day, including the identity of the non-semiconductor purchaser.


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