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Patent Litigation Experiences K-T* Event?

Did anyone feel the ground shake on the Lower East Side today? At Capitale in New York City, a major shift in the patent transactional marketplace may have signaled the beginning of the end of patent litigation as we currently know it. As reported in an earlier Gametime IP post, results of today’s ICAP Ocean … Continue reading

Mixed Results For Round Rock Covenant Auction, No Sale For Walker Digital

Note: This is more-0r-less a factual account of the auction bidding. For my take on the significance of yesterday’s auction, please read Patent Litigation Experiences K-T* Event? Freedom to operate under a 4200+ patent portfolio owned by Round Rock Research, LLC went up on the ICAP Ocean Tomo auction block today in New York City, … Continue reading

A Radical Alternative Patent Reform Proposal: Eliminating The Non-Obvious Requirement

Congress is debating patent reform once again, with the House Judiciary committee hearing testimony from USPTO Commissioner David Kappos and other witnesses today about first-to-file and prior user rights.  The most significant problem, as has been repeated time and again, is the backlog of 1.2 million applications currently pending, and 700,000 applications that have yet … Continue reading

Cross-Post: General Patent Corporation Owner Poltorak Suggests Improvements To Patent System

Originally posted at Patent Connections: Should America adopt German-style utility model patents? Speaking about patent reform as the founder and spokesman for American Innovators for Patent Reform (AMINN), Alexander Poltorak (also the owner of General Patent Corporation)offered some interesting insight into his suggestions for reform

If Patent Interference Practice Is Too Expensive For Inventors, Why Is Eliminating It The Answer?

New Scientist reporter Paul Marks has written one of the more balanced articles on patent reform that I’ve read in a very long time.  In it, Marks recounts the tale of an American inventor who defeated firms from Japan and Europe, prevailing in his effort to prove the American was the earliest inventor by two … Continue reading

Congressman Proposes Sensible, Two-Step Patent Reform Process

Earlier today I reprinted a statement from Maine Congressman Michaud voicing his opposition to the proposed patent reform bill (pdf). The most salient point from Michaud: Patent reform should focus on addressing the Patent and Trademark Office’s backlog, first, and do no harm, second. By far, the least controversial aspect of patent reform are the … Continue reading

Rep. Michaud Reacts to House Patent Reform Bill

Responding to the introduction of the America Invents Act, Maine Congressman Mike Michaud just released the following statement: “I am disappointed and concerned with the ‘America Invents Act.’ Patent reform should focus on addressing the Patent and Trademark Office’s backlog, first, and do no harm, second. As introduced, this bill would be bad for American inventors, … Continue reading

What Is An Invention? The Google Doodle Patent As An Example

The recent uproar about the Google “Doodles” patent has again raised the question about what, exactly, is allowed to become a patented invention.  A fundamental misunderstanding is that inventors obtain patents for “ideas” or “concepts.” Mike Masnick falls into this trap, recently when discussing the aforementioned patent: Yes, the concept of Google Doodles is now … Continue reading

Law Firms Compound Cost Of Patent Litigation

A recurring issue the past few years in patent litigation is the amount of detail that patent owners are required to provide when they initiate a lawsuit. The truth is, most judges will tolerate a very scant amount of information, essentially amounting to identification of the patent at issue along with a description of the … Continue reading

Diverse Group Of Patent Stakeholders Urge Congress Not To Devalue Valid Patents

I’ve received a letter that was sent on behalf of “innovators, patent holders, patent users, venture capitalists, small businesses, universities, and associations representing literally thousands of entities who care deeply about keeping America the most innovative economy in the world” and addressed to the Chair and Ranking Member of the House Judiciary committee, presumably in … Continue reading

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