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Does Obama Get Patent Reform?

Speaking to the US Chamber of Commerce, Obama reportedly said, “We’re reforming our patent system so innovations can move more quickly to market.”

Makes me wonder if he’s even read the bill.



4 thoughts on “Does Obama Get Patent Reform?

  1. “Makes me wonder if he’s even read the bill.”

    Look at Obama’s appointments. Big business has him on a leash.

    Personally, I am really fed up with the new world order that transnational corporations are trying to foist on us and even more fed up with our representatives who are really their representatives.

    Ronald J. Riley,

    President – http://www.PIAUSA.org – RJR at PIAUSA.org

    Other Affiliations:
    Executive Director – http://www.InventorEd.org – RJR at InvEd.org
    Senior Fellow – http://www.PatentPolicy.org
    President – Alliance for American Innovation
    Caretaker of Intellectual Property Creators on behalf of deceased founder Paul Heckel
    Washington, DC
    Direct (202) 318-1595 – 9 am to 9 pm EST.

    Posted by Ronald J Riley | February 9, 2011, 8:25 pm
  2. Here is a similar story

    These are the promises on the BarackObama website campaign strategy Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Technology that also appear on Technology | Change.gov: The Obama-Biden Transition Team (so it hasn’t changed since he won the election):

    Protect American Intellectual Property at Home: Intellectual property is to the digital age what physical goods were to the industrial age. Barack Obama believes we need to update and reform our copyright and patent systems to promote civic discourse, innovation and investment while ensuring that intellectual property owners are fairly treated.

    Posted by Copyright Attorney | February 11, 2011, 3:18 am
  3. He might not have read (or grasped all implications of) the “patent reform” bill, but at least it’s heartening that President Obama has given much more attention to IP issues than has any other US president in my memory. At first, however, patent law issues tended to get short shrift, in comparison to copyright and trademark concerns. Fortunately, it looks as if that tendency has shifted a bit. Certainly it’s a good sign that the president specifically mentioned patents in his State of the Union address. Let’s hope this positive trend continues.

    Posted by patent litigation | February 15, 2011, 1:00 am


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