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Patent Reform Vote Today! Everything You Need To Know

UPDATED: MORE LINKS (BELOW) The Senate will reconvene today at 2:00 PM ET, and the Patent Reform Act of 2011 is supposedly on the schedule. It’s no real secret that I’m generally opposed to the bill.  The various provisions of the bill are largely either pointless at best (damages reform that merely codifies existing law) … Continue reading

Global-Tech Appliances, SEB Argue Inducing Patent Infringement At Supreme Court

As previously reported, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in Global-Tech Appliances, Inc. v. SEB, involving whether Pentalpha Enterprises induced infringement of SEB’s patent (4,995,312). The CAFC affirmed a verdict holding Pentalpha liable because it agreed the facts supported a showing that Pentalpha deliberately ignored the risk that its deep fryer infringed SEB’s … Continue reading

Worried About Infringing A “Tax Strategy” Patent? Humble Yourself And It May All Go Away

Greg Aharonian refers to the Patent Reform Act of 2011‘s attempt to ban tax patents as a “folly” on equitable and “due process” grounds. While these may be compelling arguments in themselves, the simple fact is that the way the Senate has decided to attack tax patents is colossally stupid (and really demonstrates a complete … Continue reading

Two Minute Drill

Germany grants injunctions, US debates inducing patent infringement, and patent reform is fast tracked: This morning, IAM Magazine’s Joff Wild is reporting that a German court issued an injunction against Nokia. (Excerpt below the jump) Oral arguments are scheduled for this morning in Global-Tech v. SEB, which will ultimately decide whether inducing infringement means having … Continue reading

Patent Reformers Favor Corporate Interests Over Inventor’s Rights

There’s one revision tucked away in S.23 (the Patent Reform Act of 2011) that almost no one is talking about: changes to the procedure for filing without the Inventor’s oath and declaration.  In the US, unlike much of the world, patents are applied for by inventors, not corporations. Sure, the rights to a patent application, … Continue reading

Patented Group Discounts Are Only Logical

The good men and women of Vulcan are but one part of a significant enterprise devoted to bringing various innovations to light, including apparently misunderstood stuff like specific processes for collaborating interests to provide contextually relevant information. Unfortunately, it’s become all too clear that the current mechanisms for licensing inventions is horrifically inefficient.  Couple that … Continue reading

Patent Reform Supported By Small Entities?

Current PTO Secretary, and former IBM IP Counsel Dave Kappos reportedly told Senate aides “that S. 23 [Patent Reform Act of 2011] has broad support of inventors and small entity business.” A bill that makes patents subject to more expensive, duplicative examination, raises the cost of patent ownership and forces a race to the patent … Continue reading

When Is A Billion Dollar Patent Not Worth A Billion Dollars?

After several months, still no deal reached in the Nortel patent auction, which reported a flurry of activity back in September of last year.  This comes despite the fact that the portfolio was reportedly worth $1 Billion.  Now bidding has stalled, according to Joff Wild at IAM Magazine, and there might be an auction in … Continue reading

New Patent Reform Counterattack – Don’t Be Like The French

Generalizing (perhaps a bit), but as Americans, I have learned that we don’t like the French.  We found out in the last decade that our lawmakers don’t like the French a whole lot either, so if you oppose the Patent Reform Act of 2011, send your congressman (or woman) a case of freedom fries and … Continue reading

Is Patent Aggregation A Good Investment For The Shareholder? Analyzing the RPX IPO

Continuing in my series of articles about the RPX IPO, I finally had some time to take a look at the audited financials, attached to the S-1. I was curious how a company that spent $250 Million to acquire patent assets while taking in just under $100 Million in subscription fees could be described as … Continue reading

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