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Patent Connections – From Venture Capital To Legal Adventures: How Early Movers End Up In Patent Disputes

My fourth installment of Patent Connections posted earlier this week, discussing how innovations go from funding small companies into driving “big money” patent litigation. Check it out:

The preferred strategy is to pursue patents in line with an overall business and innovation strategy, rather than a strategy in itself. By considering the goals, budget and technology, a company limits wasteful spending and maximizes investment in its patents. Where the budget is high, and the technology relatively open, a company might justify filing for a broad range of coverage. Where funds are limited, and the technology “crowded,” a company might focus its resources on only those patents that are most likely to provide a return for the company (whether that is in patenting a core technology that sets the business apart from others, or patenting specific implementations of a technology with an eye toward licensing more established manufacturers).

From Venture Capital To Legal Adventures: How Early Movers End Up In Patent Disputes



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