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Gametime IP Report

A Weekly Collection of Notable IP-Related Stories

December 1, 2010

(Cross-Posted at GametimeIP.com/gametimeip-report)


  1. Apple Opens Its Wallet To Pursue/Defend Patent Claims
  2. Wordlogic CEO Threatens Patents Are “potentially infringed by hundreds of millions of existing product units.”
  3. Google To Collaborate With EPO On Patent Translation
  4. Priceline Founder Jay Walker Files Fourth Patent Lawsuit In A Year
  5. Hasbro Prevails Over Competitor Buzz Bee
  6. Commentary: How Could Drug Companies Not Realize Patents Were Expiring?
  7. Supreme Court Will Hear Microsoft’s Appeal of $290 M Infringement Verdict


  1. Supreme Court Won’t Intervene in Tiffany/eBay Trademark Battle
  2. Lamebook Trademark Battle – Use Of Mark May Be Protected Parody

Copyrights & Other

  1. Copyright Infringement Now A Matter Of National Security
  2. Teenager Fails To Persuade Supreme Court; Order Requiring Her To Pay $27k For “Innocent” Copyright Infringement Stands
  3. China Resolves To Investigate Copyright Piracy
  4. Righthaven Copyright Enforcement Crosses The Pond
  5. Pirate Bay File Sharing Conviction Stands; Prison Sentences Reduced


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