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Smart Red Hat Employees

Sure, I may have had a little fun with Red Hat here, and joined a little criticism of the company here and here.  But at the end of the day, the company does have some pretty sharp guys working for it.  Last year, I mentioned one of them: Jan Wildeboer (referring to him as “clearly … Continue reading

Improving ROI With Patent Expertise

Jackie Hutter, who blogs over at IP Asset Maximizer, has published an new article (Improving Innovation ROI with Early Stage Patent Expertise) in which she apparently makes the case for including patent professionals early in the innovation process.  The full article can be purchased for 11 Euro (or about $15 in “real money”).  From the … Continue reading

Michael Vick Can Do More Than Play Football

Note: The following post has absolutely nothing to do with IP. I wrote it early Tuesday morning while listening to sports talk radio, as I do every morning. I then held it until today, and delayed its publication until after working hours Wednesday evening.  I did this because the tone, style and content of this … Continue reading

Too Hot For Your Spam Filter!

Amusing line in today’s daily litigation alerts from Prior Smart: Removed a case from today’s email due to the names of some of the defendants, which would cause our email to be blocked. It’s Patent Harbor, LLC v. Fox et. al.. Indeed

Motorola Countersuit – UPDATE

By way of Phillip Brooks’ blog is this article by Tony Bradley at PC World: The countersuit is a standard legal maneuver for patent infringement law suits. It is common enough that it is no longer a matter of if, but when, a tech organization challenged for patent infringement will respond with a patent suit … Continue reading

Ralink v Lantiq – Update

UPDATE 11/15/2010 – One week later, IP Law 360 has finally noticed the Lantiq/Ralink patent dispute (subscription req’d).  They did manage to get an uninteresting comment from Lantiq about how they’re reviewing the complaint and will defend themselves.  Number of times they mention that Ralink’s patent came from AT&T’s Bell Labs: 0. Original Post below … Continue reading

Guardian Media Asserts Expired Patent Against AT&T, Verizon, Microsoft, Motorola & 32 Others

On Wednesday, November 10, Guardian Media named 36 entities in a patent infringement lawsuit involving US Patent Nos. 4,930,158 and 4,930,160.  Both of these patents expired several years ago, so Guardian’s only claim is for a few years worth of past damages.  However, since the accused products include computers, DVD players, DVRs, and video game … Continue reading

Facebook vs. Faceporn

While admittedly being derided as a “trademark bully,” (examples at here and here) I would have to join TacticalIP in agreeing that Facebook’s current move against Faceporn is not necessarily an unjustified move.  Generally, companies not involved in pornography don’t want their brand being associated with it, and with that motivation, Mark Malek sees the … Continue reading

Wi-Lan Case Moving From California To East Texas

Venue momentum of patent litigation has generally kept cases moving away from the Eastern District of Texas, but according to this order Wi-Lan convinced Judge Lucy Koh of the Northern District of California to send the case Aliphcom’s case over to Texas.

Statutory Bar Prior Art – Looking For A Test Case

In today’s article, Statutory Bar Prior Art in the Nonobviousness Analysis, Dennis Crouch asks whether anyone has a test case that might test applicability of 102(b), post invention prior art in a 103(a) obviousness analysis.  The problem, according to Prof Crouch: A plain reading of the statute that considers the obviousness of an invention “at the … Continue reading

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