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Obligatory Thanksgiving Day Patent Blog Post

Based on a review of some of my colleagues, it has become apparent to me that I must help celebrate the holidays here at Gametime IP by discussing Thanksgiving-related patent issues.  So, in that spirit, I thought I’d share that, among the things I am thankful for … Thanksgiving-themed patent blog posts.

First up, the Intellogist’s post Thankful for Patents discusses a patent application for a Safe Turkey Deep Fryer:

The aptly titled patent application “Safe Turkey Deep Fryer” by Osias Jr. (US 2006/0272633 A1) seeks to correct the oil spilling problem by employing “an overflow sleeve integral to the cauldron, and a drain basin connected to the overflow sleeve.” This patent application was abandoned in 2009, but it makes sense that allowing the overflow to move to another container instead of directly onto a white hot flame could prevent a raging fire. Or, one could simply follow directions and not put so much darn oil in the cauldron!

Indeed.  (Tip: Just don’t drop a frozen turkey in a vat of boiling oil.)  Also, Intellogist points to an issued patent on a timer and shutoff to keep the oil from overheating, and manages to work in a cheap shot on the Detroit Lions.

Other than installing this timer and shut off, one could simply pay attention to the turkey. On the other hand, if you’re worried about the Lions putting you to sleep, maybe a safety shut off isn’t such a bad idea after all…

Hopefully Ford Field will be filled with droves of Michigan State fans to, er, “welcome” Tommy Brady home …

Next, TacticalIP shows us some Thanksgiving Day Patents, including the image below which is thankfully for harvesting cranberries (not subjected to turkeys, which I originally thought):

Finally, Anticipate This! brings us a Thanksgiving edition of They Invented What? featuring a patent claiming a frozen chicken preparation method, complete with “a pumpable mixture of bread stuffing.”  Delicious.

1. A continuous process for the preparation of frozen stuffed fowl which comprises: (A) dressing said fowl according to conventional procedures and advancing the dressed fowl to a stuffing station; (B) preparing a pumpable mixture of bread stuffing by mixing substantially dry stuffing mass with edible oil and then adding water and ice, said mixture after mixing having a temperature of about 28 ° F to 40 ° F; (C) pumping said mixture into a body cavity of the dressed fowl at said stuffing station; and (D) subsequently placing the stuffed fowl in a quick-freezing atmosphere before the central interior of the stuffing mass located in the rear cavity of said stuffed fowl reaches a temperature above 50° F.




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