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Punishment For Frivolous Patent Lawsuits

As the typically reluctant “participants” in NPE* patent litigation rejoice, Law.com proclaims “Federal Circuit Upholds $631,000 in Fees, Sanctions Against Patent Lawyer, Company.”  According to Sheri Qualters, The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has upheld a lower court’s order that patent lawyer Jean-Marc Zimmerman and patent holding company Eon-Net pay $631,135.18 in … Continue reading

Early Christmas Present for LG’s Patent Lawyers

Via PriorSmart‘s Daily Litigation Alerts, LG (makers of everything from HD TVs and mobile phones to refrigerators) has been sued by Industrial Technology Research Institute (“ITRI), not once, not twice, not thrice, but four times in one day.  The four combined lawsuits allege infringement of 12 patents (links and list below the jump).  ITRI’s homepage … Continue reading

What Is A “Software Patent”?

Earlier I mentioned that I would explain why I sometimes put the term software patent in quotes. The reason is, quite simply, that the term is an oversimplification that is both too over-inclusive, and too under-inclusive to substantiate any productive dialog. The term is over-inclusive in that some of its users tend to conflate a … Continue reading

Group Purchasing Power – An Interesting Use Of The Patent Marketplace

There’s nothing quite like a patent war over group, pre-purchase discounts to get people excited, is there?  A couple of different news outlets have picked up on a lawsuit by Groupon against apparent competitor MobGob.  Of course, each of those stories missed what paidContent.org‘s Joe Mullin, and Bloomberg‘s Susan Decker noticed, which is MobGob’s botched … Continue reading

Disappointing Results At ICAP Ocean Tomo Auction

So, after my original report and post about the ICAP November patent auction, Joff over at the IAM Blog predicted that “things should be sizzling,”  while also recommending caution.  It seems caution was the recommendation of the day, as only 10% of lots sold, raising around $5 M in revenue.  (IAM Blog – No big … Continue reading

Obligatory Thanksgiving Day Patent Blog Post

Based on a review of some of my colleagues, it has become apparent to me that I must help celebrate the holidays here at Gametime IP by discussing Thanksgiving-related patent issues.  So, in that spirit, I thought I’d share that, among the things I am thankful for … Thanksgiving-themed patent blog posts.

Private Research And Patent Litigation

My new column, Patent Connections, has kicked off over at PatentCalls.com.  The first entry, From Bottomlines to Headlines: How Private Research Leads To Patent Litigation dicsusses the role of private research in patent licensing and litigation. As an example, my column discusses the current patent litigation by Interval Licensing, and links to this much more … Continue reading

Embattled Silicon Graphics Portfolio Now On The Warpath

Yesterday, thanks to PriorSmart‘s Daily Litigation Alerts, I noticed Dell, HP and Lenovo all targeted in the same Delaware patent lawsuit by Graphics Properties Holdings, Inc.  The titles of the two patents at issue were both “Display system having floating point rasterization and floating point framebuffering” (6,650,327 and 7,518,615).  It sounded a bit familiar, so … Continue reading

Breaking News – Transfer Motion Granted In ED Tex False Marking Case

Via Michael Smith’s EDTex Blog: Motions to transfer filed by the defendant in the one of the three in which it was filed (a single-defendant case) was granted from the bench (as I write this, patent lawyers are literally scattering across the Marshall square in search of computers, typewriters, and even Putt-Putt penciles to file … Continue reading

Do You Have Gametime IP? Or Just A Piece of Paper?

Gametime IP is primarily a conceptual way of thinking about your IP assets that essentially reinforces the aspects of your IP that make it valuable.  I’ll never forget taking a course on IP Licensing from this guy, when he was a visiting professor at Michigan State College of Law.  He told us he was excited … Continue reading

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