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Growth of the Patent Monetization Market

Exactly how mature is the “patent monetization” market?  Erich Spangenberg predicted during an interview with Good magazine’s Heather Skyler that “[p]atents will trade as a commodity in the next five to six years.” Jackie Hutter, meanwhile, similarly acknowledges that “patent monetization is the wave of the future” in a recent post at her IP Asset … Continue reading

On Misuse, Patent Thickets and Patent Pools

For years, the CAFC has heard appeals involving a long running ITC dispute involving CD-R/RW patents between Philips and importer Princo.  In April, the CAFC rejected most of Princo’s theories regarding its patent misuse defense. (See Princo v. ITC)  The alleged misuse relates to a patent pooling arrangement between Philips and Sony.  Specifically, while Philips … Continue reading

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