Three Copyright Assets Available For Purchase From Gametime IP

After careful consideration, I have decided to part with the rights to three different Gametime IP articles.  While I am offering these as three separate lots, interested parties may inquire about purchasing all three together.  The lots are as follows:

Lot 1: Righthaven Business Model Exposed – End Of An Era, Or Spawning Of A New IP Licensing Industry?

Lot 2: Nevada Court Says Stephens Media GetsThe Goldmine, Righthaven Gets The Shaft

Lot 3: Righthaven Engages ‘Bad-Ass Litigatrix’ Copyright Superstar Dale Cendali

Anyone interested in making an offer can find my contact information here, and for those of you who have already been inquiring about the posts in question, please accept my apologies for the delay. I will be responding to your interest and providing additional information over the next few days, but also want to give others a fair chance to express their interest.