Google Patent Blunder: Country’s Best Legal Department Green-Lights World’s Worst Patent Acquisition

The publication Corporate Counsel has, for the past six years (who knew?), been rating in-house legal departments on a variety of ambiguous criteria.  This year’s winner of the prestigious “Best Legal Department” award is none other than Google, Inc.  The ALM-owned publication likes the search engine’s legal staff because they’re “disruptive” and evidently like to “test the limits” of what’s legal.

Right on top of this news, comes the announcement that Google will pay $4.9 Million to acquire the IP portfolio of bankrupt Israeli cell phone maker Modu.  I would presume that any transaction of this size would have to clear hurdles with Google’s ‘maverick‘ legal team, and, since this news is now public, in-house IP staff has at least given a provisional green light to the deal.  But what is Google getting for its $5 Million?