Explaining bitcoins in a capsule


It is important that we know what a bitcoin is actually is and how well we get it and without diving into the details understand the details in a much better way. If we understand how the system actually works and check the scams to avoid the entire process becomes very much easier in any way possible. There are ways also to direct the resources in the right direction and make sure there is a good way to check the digital currency in the best way.

To avoid the current situation and if there is any best way to avoid taxes and any authority breathing down your neck the best way to do it is that to ensure that the best investments are done at the fastest in the right time as well. We have to check with authorities while using conventional currency whereas it is not possible in the case of Bitcoins where otherwise tracking happens at a fast rate and with the easiest of the solutions.

The bitcoins have captured the world market at a very little time and this is a great site that explains such information about the information at a fast rate without difficulty. All over the world there are people buying bitcoins and are interested in making investments with this at an extensive rate. But there is still a question of what is happening and how well it is happening. There are websites who are working deep into this mechanism and the users are willing to make investments more and more which increases with time.

We cannot be entirely sure of the situations especially we have users accounts being put into trouble to get hold of the bitcoins and thievery is the current biggest problem being faced by digital currency.

Websites promoting the concept and other such information all need to be checked out for more information. Based on the Application Programming Interface and other data like the price index and the rate of exchange information is being exchanged with interested parties bringing more content into the market.

The problem of bitcoin thieves hacking into accounts and then checking out the data is a huge risk faced nowadays. T the same time issues like the highly volatile environment of the bitcoin transactions and the delay in the transactions may all cause problems in the given scenario. It is considered to be the most reliable alternative to people from the third world countries in comparison to others around the world.

How To Start A Home Business If You Are A Single Mom


If you are a single mom then here are a few business ideas that you can do from home. You can do these as a part-time business along with your full-time job.

Child care provider

Being a child care provider is something that you can try if you want to earn some extra income. This is a great opportunity to make money. You can do this in your spare time. Advertise your business and take care of someone’s child in your free time.

There are families who are ready to pay to hire child care during the odd hours. You can do this business along with your full-time job. So while you would be working on the weekdays you can keep your weekends aside to work as a child care provider.

Make sure that you declare your second income when you file your taxes.

Also, if you are earning a second income trading in cryptocurrencies on this company website then make sure that you declare your profits when you file your annual income tax returns.

Be a freelancer

If you have some skill that you think can be used to earn an extra income, then start working as a freelancer. There are many freelance jobs available like graphic design work, writing, photography, editing etc. These do not have to be done full-time but can be done part-time or as and when you wish to take up the work.

First, evaluate what skills you have and then you may want to use this to earn an additional come. You can start working as a freelancer after your normal work hours.

Virtual assistant

You could work as a virtual assistant to earn an additional source of income. If you think that you can do some tasks faster than the others then this is the business that you should start. The typical tasks include online research, social media content posting and making phone calls. You can put your skills to use and be a virtual assistant and make money.

A simple example of working as a virtual assistant could be to send monthly newsletters or to update a database.

Clean houses

If you like to clean then this could be a business that you may wish to start. The cleaners earn by the hour and you can demand the amount based on the location and the job. Many families may allow you to get your children along with you. You can start your cleaning services by posting ads on the bulletin board of your community.

Use your creativity

If you are a creative person then you can put that to use and earn money. You may want to be a home organizer or sell your craft works to make additional money.




The forex (FX) market (is the one in which trading occurs only through currencies) is a huge market. It is one of the important liquid markets in the world. It is defined as a market in which is trading is performed with the desirable amount of money with inclusion of many buyers and sellers. In this market, huge amount of money is transacted every day. It is operated 24 hours a day and all the 7 days of the week all over the world. It is traded worldwide which means that the market is an electronic market with the network of banks, traders, brokers, investors, institutions and the like. With the growth of trading market, crypto currencies like bitcoin, altcoin, and the like also emerges into the scene of trading. In today’s era of currency trading, some forex brokers have started accepting crypto currencies.

Trading of Forex

Consider an American trader betting on the British pound/U.S dollar currency pair which is GBP/USD. The trader first deposits $100 with the guidance of the forex broker. Presuming the rate of $1 = £0.5, the trader will yield £50 for the deposited amount of $100. In the meanwhile, if the rate of GBP/USD changes to 0.45, then the trader will yield 11.11% profit for the deposited amount. This trading is a sample of for normal cash trading. Consider a bitcoin trader who has decided to trade using the crypto currencies. This involves the selection of a broker who accepts crypto currencies like altcoins, AvaTrade, eToro, LiteForex and the like. The trader then deposits some amount, say 2 BTC from the digital wallet (transfer of amount through technology without taking the cash from the wallet) to the broker’s digital wallet. Consider the trader has determined to bet crypto currency to U.S dollar. Presuming the rate of 1BTC = $500, then the deposited value of crypto currency yields $1000. It is then assumed that the betting is done against British pounds. For the exchange rate of £0.5 = $1, £500 will be obtained. In the course of time, the rate of GBP/USD gets modified to 0.45, and as a result of this, $1111.11 is yielded to the trading account. Now returning back to crypto currency to U.S dollar, consider the rate have dropped to 1 BTC = $560. So, finally in the conclusion part, the trader’s crypto currency value will be 1.984 BTC with a small amount of value. This scenario will also end up resulting in profit depending upon the currency values.

Ways to Business

Finance is the life-blood of any business. Without finance, no business can be done. In order to do business one should have capital. Now, this capital can be invested from the funds available with the person willing to start a business or can be borrowed. No business can function in an effective manner without having sufficient funds and hence the requirement of borrowed capital becomes imperative.

Business can be started in various forms such as follows:

  1. Proprietorship – where the entire capital is brought in by the Proprietor himself
  2. Partnership- where two or more persons join together and do business and invest the capital equally or in proportion, they are able to invest
  3. Company – Private Ltd Company where the shares of the company are invested by the shareholders of the company but is limited to a particular group of closely held persons or family members
  4. Company- Public Limited Company where the shares are offered to the public and money is brought in

How each Business entity differs

In case of a Proprietorship concern, the legal formalities to be complied with are very little whereas in the case of a partnership firm the legal formalities are a little more. This becomes more and more complicated in the case of a Private Limited Companies and in case of a Limited Company it is even more. However, the ability to borrow capital will be less in case of Proprietorship whereas in case of Partnership will be a little more and that of Companies would be even better as this will have more stable in law.See herefor more information.

Apart from the money that is invested by the owner of the business which may become insufficient, the necessity to borrow from financial institutions will become imperative in order to run the business. For obtaining finance from financial institutions they have to be given various details of the business such as

  1. Owners details – His id proof and address proof, PAN Card, IEC in case of export/import, MSME certificate if applicable
  2. Company’s Profit & Loss Account & Balance- Sheet audited
  3. IT Returns
  4. Due diligence
  5. Market study
  6. Reasons for getting finance – such as business expansion, machinery purchase etc.
  7. Reference
  8. Surety and collateral security if required


Banks will conduct a study of the organization based on the above-given details/ documentsand will come to the conclusion of whether they would be able to repay the borrowed amount and based on which the Bank will Sanction the Loan.

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Does The New Patent Licensing Regime Look Like The Old Patent Licensing Regime?

So, not that long ago, partially in reaction to the fascinating results of Walker Digital’s novel attempt to auction freedom to operate under its patents (as opposed to the patents themselves), I declared the dawning of a new era in patent licensing: Litigation is simply obsolete, and will most likely end up being reserved for […]

Gametime IP

Gametime IP is primarily a conceptual way of thinking about your IP assets that essentially reinforces the aspects of your IP that make it valuable.  I’ll never forget taking a course on IP Licensing from this guy, when he was a visiting professor at Michigan State College of Law.  He told us he was excited to teach us about licensing because, unlike other courses in law school where lawyers learn how to spend their clients’ money, licensing was a way to help our clients make money.

Rhetoric vs. Results – A Breakdown of Unified Patents Challenges

Two of my recent IPWire posts have addressed frequent patent challenger Unified Patents, and their self-appointed mission to profit from the destruction of intellectual property. The first post, in June, exposed Unified Patents IPR results and compared them against IPR petitioner’s at large. As it turns out, only about 1/3 of Unified’s IPRs are actually instituted and their petitions are actually affirmatively denied at twice the rate of petitions as a whole. Please check out the post for a full breakdown of the data and methodology used.

Google Lawsuit Reveals Patent Monetization Strategies Of BT And Goldman Sachs

Suffolk Technologies, a Delaware LLC, accused AOL and Google of infringing patents–including US Patent 6,081,835–through the use of Google AdWords and AdSense.  A lawsuit filed in June 2012 explained that the patents originated at British Telecom (BT), and a series of simultaneously recorded assignments shows the patents subsequently assigned to IPValue and then Suffolk.  According to an order issued on December 7, 2012 by Judge T.S. Ellis of the Eastern District of Virginia,

Rensselaer Exclusive Licensee Enforces Natural Language Processing Patent

On October 19th, a Texas-based company sued Apple over US Patent 7,177,798.  Assignment records indicate the ’798 Patent is owned by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and court documents state that Dynamic Advances, LLC is the “exclusively licensee” for the ’798 and “facilitates Rensselaer’s goal of commercializing its patented inventions to the benefit of the general public and to further Rensselaer’s mission to apply science to the common purposes of life.”

Much of Dynamic Advances’ complaint is devoted to explaining the coverage and importance of the ’798 Patent.  Independent Claim 9, also quoted in the complaint, provides:

Is Charles River Licensing British Telecom Patents To Fund German Investment Accounts?

Little more than one year ago, GametimeIP reported that a German investment fund acquired a substantial portfolio from British Telecom:

According to a press release issued yesterday, the German patent fund Patentportfolio 2 S.a.r.l. acquired 400 patent assets from publicly held BT Group PLC. The group is funded by the German investment fund Alpha Patentfronds 2, and strategic IP advisory services will be provided by IP Navigation Group (Europe).